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My surf fishing season begins on Labor Day and last through the Thanksgiving Day weekend. Here you will find the gory details–good and bad–of my quest for striped bass and bluefish in the waters of Montauk, LI, and on the beaches of Amagansett, East Hampton and Napeague.

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  1. Charlie says:

    Hi Fred,
    Do you really only start fishing on Labor Day? I fish in Montauk from late April on and I have had some good days in May-June with bass. And in July-August there can be a lot of big blues on the Northside.

  2. Fred Abatemarco says:

    Charlie–Indeed, I am aware that by fishing only the fall season I am leaving fish on the table–in the water?–so to speak. But if you read the “December Bass” entry (http://fishtales.abatemarco.com/?m=200612 in the Archives), you’ll understand that a deal is a deal is a deal and woe to me if I break my part of the pact.

  3. Charlie says:

    I hear you !! Merry Christmas!

  4. Mike Antonoff says:

    Smiling fisherman with arms outstretched holding catch should be reinforced with same fish photographed on a scale to authenticate weight.

  5. Fred Abatemarco says:

    Michael–You would doubt ME? Remember, we worked together for many years at the truth factory. In fact, a couple of them.

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