Year End Highlights: 2013 Fall Surfcasting Season


BOAT BASS: July was too early to start fall surfcasting, so I took a little sea cruise with friends and look what attacked my line!


SAND DAB: Sand eels on the beaches attracted all the action this fall, including this flat little critter in early September.


ON THE MENU: Tasty bluefish and striper filets from the grill of Sammy Shamu.

TEACH THE CHILDREN: Nurse Carm and her angling daughter Angela were the wetsuit queens of the North Bar in Montauk this season.


MARVELOUS “MEL”: Mary Ellen talks a lot, fishes even more and is always on the leader board with big bass to her credit. But what she does to trucks………


THAT TEE SHIRT DON’T LIE: One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish. It took five of these oversized snappers to feed the Red Hill Gang.


PROSCIUTTO WRAP: A tasty way to grill a whole bluefish.


CAPOS GO SURFCASTING: The 2013 return to the beach by the boys from Brooklyn


MICRO BASS: It took light tackle and a trip to 3 Mile Harbor, but Dan shook off the skunk in his sole appearance of the season.


BLUEFISH BENNET: Cpt. Harvey of The Tackle Shop got his toes wet in October.


TROPHY BASS: This 20-plus pounder nailed by Slammin’ Sam took third place overall in the season-long locals competition.


DUELING KEEPERS: Bucktailin’ Billy with one of many he took home to eat and California Chris with his first every for the cooler.


THE BUDDY SYSTEM: Big Brother Frank stayed close to Bucktailin’ Billy all season and they nailed keepers together on the sandy beaches of Napeague


PERSONAL BEST: A sand eel orgy on Montauk town beach in November and a spanking new Van Staal 150 produced this teen size beast which was my trophy for the season.


Amazing Randy: Always dressed right for any fishy occasion, this Queens lad lands lunkers with the best of them.


SKIP’S STRIPER: He didn’t know me from Adam when he stepped into my truck at 6am on a blustery November morning. But Skip went home with a big’un and I know he’ll be back for more next year.


MR. NOVEMBER: Nobody does it better than Verizon Charlie. He fishes early, he fishes late. Always there, always reliable, always affable. He even pickles his own herring. We expect nothing less from the Mickey Mantle of surfcasters.

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  1. Big Cee says:

    Great pics and captions Fred, as always!!

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