Go West Surfcaster, Go West

The Fat Lady sang, the east end cooled off, and Fire Island lit up

November 27, 2010

Robert Moses State Park lit up with bass in mid-November

As November fishing wound down on the east end into a ratfest repeat of 2009, the stripers followed the bait west along the south shore–and the smart anglers went with them.  Here are some dispatches by a fishing buddy Verizon Charlie., who fished Robert Moses State Park on Fire Island and Smith Point:

November 15

Charlie R.: Self Portrait with Striped Bass

Hi Fred: I went to Robert Moses this morning at first light. Lots of guys and lots of fish.  I had three fish to 11 pounds and it seemed like most everyone was catching. Tins with tails and teasers were the popular choice. I had all my fish on a white Super Strike needlefish lure.

November 17

Killieman: Dave C. at RM State Park

Fred: I fished Field 5 and Field 3 twice so far this week.  The pattern has been a good showing of fish from first light until about 7:30-8:00 AM on tins with tubes, with or without teasers, and needlefish with or without teasers. After that it’s a pick. Today, I started at Field 3 and we had nothing for an hour. I moved to Field 2 and there were some fish picked there; none by me.  I left at 8:30 AM and then got a call that there were fish to 15 pounds at Field 5 from 9-10:30 AM.  Go figure.

November 19

Fred: I hate to tell you this, but you really missed a good morning at Robert Moses. There were probably 150 guys at Field 5, but it’s a big beach so if you just kept walking, you could find room. The fish were anywhere form 26 to 40-inches, with the majority being small keeper size fish 28-32″.  The lure of choice was an A27 diamond jig with a green tail, though I caught all but one of my fish on a chartreuse green stubby needlefish. As we were leaving we heard in the parking lot that there were fish at Fields 2,3,4 also.

November 22

Local Legend Bob S. at RM State Park

Fred: Just thought I’d give you my latest fishing report. Yesterday and today I fished Smith’s Point and had fish both days.  Just as it got light, the fish showed and the birds were on them. But very few were caught. As it got lighter, people started to hook up. Mostly, the fish fell to diamond jigs with green tubes. But yellow, red or white worked too. Yesterday I had about eight fish from 20- to 24-inches and today I had 21 fish up to 27-inches and three shad 12- to 14-inches . Gannetts were working Smith Pt. too!

November 27

Fred: I just got back from the beach. I tried Napeague Lane, Maidstone, Main Beach, Georgica and I even went on the northside to Alberts Landing. Not a tap. Have a great holiday season and winter, see you next year.

Mr. November: Verizon Charlie is the Mickey Mantle of south shore surfcasting

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  1. Charlie says:

    Great report Fred, thanks a lot.

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