Surf Rookie of the Year: The Leaderboard

It looks like a two horse race.  Seagulls  don’t count….

November 4, 2010

Bucktailin' Billy's Keeper: Monday morning magic

We’re about eight weeks into my 12 week fall fishing season, a good time to take a look at 2010’s Surf Rookie of the Year standings. Bucktailin’ Billy S. seems to be on top by a narrow margin. Billy came at his first season in the surf with a vengeance. He started by buying a house in East Hampton.  That showed REAL desire.  Then he dropped a bundle on the proper gear at The Tackle Shop in Amagansett. That got him the inside track on the inane rantings of Captain Harvey Bennett; excellent fodder for a right and proper attitude required to fish the surf. In September, Billy chased fish all around the rocks near The Sewer Pipe on Montauk’s southside, where blitzing bass tested his patience by staying just a cast out of reach.  Finally, Billy showed great surfaholic potential by staying out on an extra Monday here and there and building client appointments around his fishing schedule.  Putting in the time has paid off for him.  A keeper in mid-October (See Red Hill Capos Return for Surfcasting 2010) and lots of short fish week after week. Some cocktail blues have rounded out his portfolio, including a double-header late in the month.

John TKOed this schoolie with a Kastmaster to the head

But Billy is not without a worthy challenger.  In the wings is Jolting John P. who also suffered the mossy boulder fields and pounding surf in front of the refrigerator rock at Kings Point where he ingloriously dropped a quality fish in a Columbus Day weekend blitz. However, John did manage a keeper from that session (See Columbus Day Weekend: Stripers on the Rocks) and, for the season, John’s fish-per-minute slugging percentage is awesome. He’s really only been out twice and had fish both times. There ain’t no skunk on him. Still, going into the stretch, Billy is ahead slightly on points. The crucial question is whether John P. will put down the driver long enough to pick up the rod and reel….hint, hint, hint.

Sunrise Surprise: Julian's first striper in the surf

Other 2010 entries include Julian H, a visiting surfcasting novice from Massachusetts. One session, one schoolie (see Four F. Weekend: Family, Friends, Fish & Food). Not bad for starters. Finally, we have Sydney T., or “Seagull Syd”.  She wasn’t aware that we only count swimming creatures.  Those of the winged variety, we usually leave on the beach. No points for Sydney.  But we’re glad she came out. She sure can cast nice and her pumpkin ice cream is the best.

Seagull Syd: A gamer in the surf. But no finny creature to show for her efforts

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