Four F Weekend: Family, Friends, Fish & Food

The whole mishpocheh: Gina, Chris, Fred, Dan, Diane, Big Brother Frank

Cali-striper-fication: Fishing Lessons from the Left Coast

October 23-24, 2010

Chris gave us a fishing lesson in the surf near Main Beach

On a balmy autumn Sunday, after a hefty family lunch on my deck, while most of my gathered family retired to football games or afternoon naps, Big Brother Frank, had a different idea. Lone-eagle style, he giddy-upped his Ford Bronco to Amagansett’s Atlantic Beach where he promptly nailed a 30-inch keeper bass.  The evening before, near East Hampton’s Main Beach jetty, his son Chris employed a white feather teaser and a sand-eel imposter lure to beach four schoolie stripers, all in the 26-inch range. It was a fishing lesson for us East Coast yahoos from the Left Coast brigade. Humbled were the hosts.

Sunday Sharpshooter: Frank's 30-inch keeper

Frank put out a fish call right after depositing his Sunday keeper in the cooler. My house phone blared just as I curled up for a siesta.  I planned on a walk with my son Dan to TI Beach later, since that was ground zero for the weekend action: a slow pick of mostly schoolie bass. But I rounded up my posse—Daniel, Diane, and Di’s beau Julian—and off we went to join Frank.  All we managed, however, was a couple of shorts—one each for Dan and me. Frank’s 30-inch fish went to Annie Sessler at East End Fish Prints in Montauk for a Japenese-style rubbing on silk, which will eventually be framed and displayed above his mantle.

Surf Rookie: Julian's first striper

On Saturday morning, while my family kept the beach honest at Napeague to the east, Bucktailin’ Billy S. and Big Bob banged bluefish near East Hampton’s Main Beach, including a double header for Billy, simultaneously on his lure and teaser. For a short while, that put Billy ahead for Surf Rookie of the Year 2010 honors.  But Joltin’ John P. got even later that afternoon when he hooked a shorty bass through the head with a Kastmaster. An extreme technique to say the least. At least he didn’t bash its brains with his 5-iron. Meanwhile, Julian became a dark horse Surf Rookie candidate when, at first light on Saturday, he caught his first fish ever in the surf: a 22-inch schoolie that was released to swim another day.

Not to be left out, Dan had three fish that morning—and one cocktail bluefish that went into the cooler and joined the chowder pot for Saturday night’s dinner at Frank’s house.

Big Bob and Karen M. serve up pumkin gnocchi

Natalie and I skipped the family chowder fest. Instead, we took our place at the table of Big Bob and Karen’s house for The Dinner Club of Manhasset’s Fall Festival along with Bill S., John P. and their BW’s. The menu was a riot of delicious dishes themed around a variety of squashes and pumpkins. For an eyeful of the evening’s meal, click here.

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  1. hlb says:

    you eat good ,what is that pumkin stuff???

  2. chaweenee says:

    Looks like a great weekend Fred. So glad Julian caught his first fish! Your dinner club is sooooo creative. Everything looked yummy.

  3. Felix says:

    WHERE”S NATLY ???????????

  4. Fred Abatemarco says:

    She was with Toni!!!!!

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