Merry Fishmas 2019

December 15 was the last day of the official striped bass season in New York State. From here on, it’s officially the Fishmas Season. And what does any redoubtable surfcaster wish for and dream of during Fishmas?

Keepers, of course!

Herewith—offering suitable apologies to Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys—Big Brother Frank, cara sorella Chaweenee Cecchini, photog St. Toni of The Blitz, and a variety of additional beach accomplices, submit to you our annual Fishmas Card.

Jingle, jingle and tight lines, y’all!

The Keeper Striped Bass

(to the tune of The Little St. Nick)

Well way-out east near the Montauk Light

There’s a tale about some fish

That have eight long stripes

They’re long and they’re broad with a hefty weight

And their size in inches must be 28.

It’s the keeper striped bass (keeper striped bass)!

It’s the keeper striped bass (keeper striped bass)!

Flick a pencil popper out to hook a trophy bass

You’ll find them in the wash near the house of glass

They’re crashing on the bait right at Maidstone Beach

And when we catch ’em up we keep just one each.

Run run striper

Run run bluefish, whoa-oh-oh-oh

Run run albie

Run run striper….we don’t keep schoolies!

We’re castin’ to a blitz in a nor’east blow

With half a dozen sharpies in the undertow

We’re cinching our waders ’cause the surf’s real high

Then we land them on the shore in the blink of any eye.


Merry Fishmas, the fall run comes this time each year!


Merry Fishmas, the fall run comes this time each year!

3 Responses to “Merry Fishmas 2019”

  1. Kathy says:

    You never disappoint!
    It’s my favorite Fishmas card/ new holiday tune every year.
    Merry Christmas, Fred!

  2. Fred Abatemarco says:

    Jingle jingle Kathy. Merry Fishmas to all the LeDonnis–every one a keeper in my heart.

  3. Maria says:

    Very nice, ah like it
    I hope you all can keep 2 fish next year so I can get a little more
    My love to You, Natalie and the family. Have a Happy, Happy Holiday and a Bright and Prosperous New Year
    Love you all
    Thank you

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