With the joy of the Christmas season, comes the end of the striped bass fishing season. And so, too, our annual “Fishmas Card”. Tight lines, y’all. #Fishtales2018

(to the tune of “Donde Esta Santa Claus?”)

Mamacita, donde esta Striper Blitz?
Donde esta Striper Blitz?
I want a keeper to retrieve.
Mamacita, oh where is Striper Blitz?
I look for them because, 
It’s Christmas Eve.

I know that I should still be casting,
Cause maybe they’re up on the beach.
Out of the truck I’m now leaping,
Hoping they’ll come within my reach.
I fish for them all night, and when I find the bite,
I’ll call my friends and say:
“Oh Charlie! Oh Billy! Oh Randy! Oh Frankie! Oh Freddie”
Ole, ole, ole! Ba-ca-la!

Mamacita, donde esta Striper Blitz?
Oh where’s the Striper Blitz?
It’s Christmas Eve.

Alright, Mamacita. I’ll keep casting now.
It’s Christmas Eve…

Lyrics by Fred & Frank Abatemarco; Graphic Design by Chaweenee Cecchini (With kudos and apologies to vocalist Augie Rios, the Mark Jeffrey Orchestra, writers George Scheck, Rod Parker, and Al Greiner).

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