Merry Fishmas 2017

Because there’s No Fish Like Bass for the Surfcaster

December 23, 2017: Christmas eternally evokes the comfort and joy of family, friends and home. For some, surfcasting for striped bass does all that and more. As you enjoy some of your favorite things this holiday season, BBF and I have the pleasure, once again, to offer a glimpse at ours, in the form of our annual Fishmas Card.  Jingle jingle, y’all.  Fred & Frank & Sister Chaweenee.

Graphic Design by Chaweenee; Photo by Verizon Charlie; Lyrics by Frank and Fred Abatemarco (with apologies to Al Stillman and, of course, Perry Como).

Oh, there’s no fish like bass for the fisherman,
‘Cause no matter how far away you roam,
When you pine for a top-hit in the suds at dawn,
Nothing beats a keeper striper in the foam.
I met a man who lives in Delaware,
He was headin’ for,
Montauk’s Rathole and the full-moon outbound tide.
From Santa Barbara, bubs are travelin’
Down to Shagwong’s wave-swept shores,
From North Bar to the Southside,
Gee, the big cows are the best ride.
Oh there’s no catch like bass for the holidays,
‘Cause no matter how many fish you land,
If you want to be happy in a million ways,
For the holidays,
You can’t beat bass at home.

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