Merry Fishmas 2020

Are you ready for a happy New Year? Any kind of New Year will be an improvement, right? Surfcasting for striped bass was one of the few joys leading up to this crisis-tinged Christmas. And though the pandemic kept us apart, Big Brother Frank and I did our best to cast out our Christmas spirit and reel in this seasonal tradition. So with appropriate apologies to author Benjamin Hanby and singers Gene Autry and Kimberley Locke, we happily present the Fishmas Card of 2020. Wishing you all a safe and healthy and fishy new year. –Fred & Frank


(To the tune of Up On The Housetop)

Out on a sandbar, cast, cast, cast

Old Saint Nick is after bass.

Fishin’ with LeeBob and wearin’ a mask

Plugging for keepers is Santa’s task.

Ho ho ho, Fred wants to go

Ho ho ho, Frank wants to go.

Out to Camp Hero with a 10-foot stick

Fishing Turtle Cove with Good Saint Nick.

First comes the lure bag of Billy Black

Santa fills it up when the tide goes slack.

Give him a lure that swims at night

One that’ll make the lunkers bite.

Ho ho ho, Randy wants to go

Ho ho ho, Charlie wants to go.

Up on the jetty with a Deadly Dick

Hooking up Alibes with good Saint Nick!

Lyrics by Fred & Frank Abatemarco; graphics by Chaweenie, Photos by St. Toni of the Blitz and The BW.

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